Episode 1: Swimming Pools, Baseball Stadiums and Beer!

In the first episode of Political Radar, Rhonda and Elliot discuss many local political issues including fixing lead water pipes, building sports venues, single beer sales bans and more.  On the national level they look at political party candidate selection processes, the Electoral College, voter ID laws and more.

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Local issues discussed include:

- Should local governments help home owners to fix lead water pipes?
- What to do with sales tax surpluses?
- Should local governments fund baseball stadiums and swimming pools?
- Why are potholes and other infrastructure issues not addressed?
- Should local governments limit single beer purchases?
- How much control should local governments have over new developments?
- What do smaller cities have to do to retain younger people?

National Issues Discussed Include:

- Delegates and how political parties pick candidates
- Voter ID laws
- The electoral college
- Voter turnout
- Educating children on voting and the political process

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