Episode 4: Poolgate - A Conversation with Debbie Jacques

In this episode of Political radar Rhonda and Elliot discuss Green Bay's “Poolgate” with Debbie Jacques. Debbie, who ran against Alderman Chris Wery for his council seat for District 8. They discuss Tundra Lodge's proposal to build an Olympic sized swimming pool and key political leaders stances on the issue.

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Local issues discussed include:

- Is the term “Poolgate” catching on?
- How is the Colburn pool drama going to effect fundraising in the future for other projects?
- Did Tundra Lodge strong arm the city government for pool funding?
- Just how many people want this pool?
- What part has Mayor Jim Schmitt play in Trundra Lodge's plan?
- What did the Mayor Jim Schmitt mean by saying "we forced Tundra Lodges' hand"? /p>

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