Episode 5: A discussion with Brown County Supervisor Mark Becker

On this episode of Political Radar, Rhonda and Elliot welcome Brown County Supervisor Mark Becker. They cover many local topics including the payment of $61,000 to former Corporation Counsel Juliana Ruenzel, the Lambeau Field sales tax, and the Shirley Wind Farm. Additionally, they discuss national political issues including Donald Trump, the Republican presidential primary process and more.

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Local issues discussed include:

They payment of $61,000 to Corporation Counsel Juliana Ruenzel:

- Is Mark happy to be in local government?
- The departure of Corporation Counsel Juliana Ruenzel.
- When did County Supervisors become aware of the payment of $61,000 to Juliana Ruenzel?
- Why did Mark ask for a closed session when discussing issues related to former Corporation Counsel Juliana Ruenzel?
- Do the County Supervisors support the the payment?
- Was the payment a settlement or a payment for services?
- Will taxpayers ever find out why the payment was made?
- Does anyone on the County Board want to go public with the backstory?

The Lambeau Field sales tax:

- Should the excess go back to property owners?
- What did the Village of Hobart do with it's portion of the refund?
- How much of the excess remains for the City of Green Bay to spend?
- What does Mark want to see done with the excess?

Shirley Wind Farm concerns:

- Does the low-frequency noise from the wind turbines cause health issues?
- What was included in the report from the Brown County Citizens for Responsible Wind Energy?

National Issues Discussed Include:

- Does Mark support Donald Trump?
- Who did Mark support at the beginning of the primary process?
- Does Mark's co-workers support Donald Trump?
- Do women support Donald Trump?
- Does Donald Trump have a 'Nationalist' view?
- Will other countries ever attach the US?
- Is the TSA good at their job?
- Would Donald Trump 'Take Care' of ISIS?
- Should Muslim people be allowed into the country?
- Will Hillary Clinton be strong on foreign policy?
- Would Bernie Sanders be the “worst President in history”?
- Should Republicans “write-in” a candidate?
- Do Republicans care about how Donald Trump made his fortune?

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