Episode 4: The Apple Power Mac G4 Cube - Was it the NeXT big thing for Apple?

Designed by Jonathan Ive in a style similar to the NeXTcube from NeXT, which Apple acquired in 1996, the Power Mac G4 Cube packed a bunch of features in a small 7×7×7 inch case. Launched in 2000 with an introductory price of $1,799, the G4 Cube was discontinued less than a year later. Configurations offered for the Power Mac G4 Cube included a PowerPC G4 processor running at 450 MHz or 500 MHz, 128 MB to 1.5 GB of ram, a 20 GB to 60 GB hard drive, a slot-loading CD-RW or DVD-ROM drive and an ATI Rage 128 Pro or Nvidia GeForce2 MX. Join us as we take a first look at this awesome part of Apple’s history.

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