Episode 6: A discussion with Green Bay Alderperson Joe Moore

In this episode of Political Radar, Rhonda and Elliot welcome Joe Moore, City of Green Bay Alderperson for District 6. They discuss many local topics including Colburn pool, lead pipe replacement, Lambeau Field sales tax funds, and much more.

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Local issues discussed include:

The new Colburn pool project:

- Why is the pricing of the Colburn pool so "up in the air"? - Why has it taken so long to build a new Colburn pool?
- What has driven the cost of Colburn pool up?
- Why the Green Bay City Council go against the recommendations from the Parks committee regarding Colburn Pool?
- Will the Trunda Lodge proposal come back?
- Would Trunda Lodge have made money on an Olympic sized pool?
- Are the estimates of economic impact from a new Colburn pool realistic?
- Would a new Colburn pool help businesses in Green Bay or Ashawbon more?
- Can money donated to the "Friends of Colburn Pool" be returned?
- Has all the money donated to "Friends of Colburn Pool" been collected?
- Should Lambeau Field sales tax funds go towards Colburn pool?
- Would the "Friends of Colburn pool" support a smaller pool?

Lead Pipe Replacement:

- Will the State help with replacing lead water pipes?
- What progress has been made in replacing lead pipes?
- Has the Lambeau Field sales tax funds earmarked for lead pipes been returned for future use?
- How does the lead pipe issue in Green Bay compare to the issues in Flint MI?

Lambeau Field sales tax funds:

- Should the funds be returned as a property tax refund? - Why do some Alderpersons support the idea of a property tax refund?

State vs Local Control Issues: /p>

- Has the state been limiting local control on more issues?
- What can the City Council do to return local control?
- Why did the state change the sex offender residency rules?
- Are sex offender residency rules necessary?
- Can registered sex offenders request an appeal to residency restrictions?
- Do appeals override state rules on sex offender residency?

Local Goverment Engagement:

- Do most residents know what an Alderpersons is and what they can offer?

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