Episode 7: A discussion with "The People's Watchdog" Scott Williams

In this episode of Political radar Rhonda and Elliot welcome "The People's Watchdog" Scott Williams. Scott is a political activist in Brown County and a former candidate for the Brown County Board. They discuss many local topics including the Sanimax Plant in Howard WI, the payout to former Brown County corporation counsel Juliana Ruenzel, Shirley wind farm health concerns, and much more.

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Local issues discussed include:

The Sanimax Plant in Howard:

- What does Sanimax do?
- What did residents in the area tell Scott about the Sanimax plant during the campaign for county board?
- How does the Sanimax plant impact local residents?
- How did the management of Sanimax react to Scott's questions about the plant?
- Who has the ability to regulate the pollution from the Sanimax plant?
- Does Sanimax have an active permit allowing them to emit pollution?
- Was the public aware of the permit process?
- Has Sanimax violated their permit in the past?
- Would relation be an option for Sanimax?
- Does the local media do a good job explaining the Sanimax issue?

The payout to former Brown County corporation counsel Juliana Ruenzel:

- Was the payment from taxpayer funds?
- Does Scott feel the payout was a "Scandal"?
- Is $61,000 a lot of money?
- Does the public have a right to know what happened?
- Did Brown County Executive Troy Streckenbach save the county money with the payout?
- Has this type of payout happened before?
- Why did it go unnoticed that the corporation counsel was not at meetings for months?
- Why did the local media wait so long to ask questions?
- What did county supervisors discuss outside of public meetings?
- Should county Supervisors discuss the payout in public?

The Public Works Department Scandal:

- What happened with the Brown County Public Works department?
- Was there a misuse of funds?
- Was there misappropriation of resources?
- Why are several top officials at the public works no longer with the department?
- Why has so little information been provided to the public?
- Has the media done their job in reporting on the public works department?

Shirley Wind Farm Health Concerns:

- Do wind farms make people sick?
- Did the county furfill their duty related to the investigation on wind farm healt conserns?
- Has the process been a waste of money?
- What do the residents want to achive with this process?

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