Episode 8: A discussion with Alderperson Chris Wery

In this episode of Political Radar Rhonda and Elliot welcome Chris Wery, City of Green Bay Alderperson for District 8. They discuss many local topics including Colburn Pool, the Lambeau Field sales tax funds, local road repair issues and more.

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Local issues discussed include:

The new Colburn pool project:

-Who stated the movement to build a new Colburn pool? - Why do people believe the city would be building a larger Colburn pool from what is existing?
- How was the $1 million raised by the “Friends of Colburn Park Pool“?
- Did Trunda Lodge have a full plan for their expansion?
- Was the Trunda Lodge proposal an attempt to derail the Colburn pool project?
- Was Mayor Jim Schmitt behind the Trunda Lodge proposal?
- Why did Trunda Lodge cancel their plans?
- Will the Trunda Lodge proposal come back?
- How long will it take to have a more detailed estimate of the cost of the new pool?
- Show any of the Lambeau Field sales tax funds go towards Colburn Pool?
- Should any of the City of Green Bay tax surplus go towards Colburn Pool?
- How much of the Lambeau Field sales tax funds does Alderperson Wery want to go towards Colburn Pool?
- Will Colburn Pool have the economic impact estimated for the City of Green Bay?
- Will the Village of Ashwaubenon benefit more than the City of Green Bay if a new Colburn Pool is built?
- What will be the maintenance and staffing cost for Colburn Pool?
- Do we need a Colburn Pool when we have Joannes and Resch Aquatic Center?
- Would Alderperson Wery support the building of a smaller pool?
- Will there be a “high dive” at Colburn Pool?
- Does Alderperson Wery have the votes on the city Council to approve the building of an Olympic size pool?
- Do we need an Olympic sized pool?
- Should the swim season be expanded?
- Who not enclose Colburn Pool?
- Do most people actually use Colburn Pool?
- Can you have swim meets with a 25 meter pool?
- Are 25 meter pools mainly used for winter meets?

Lambeau Field sales tax funds:

- Should the funds be given back as a property tax refund?
- Should the funds be used for road repairs?
- Should the funds be used for Colburn Pool?
- Why does the stage get to direct how the funds can be used?
- Should the funds be used to fund local businesses using Elliot's “Shark Tank” style idea?
- What plan does the City Council have to decide how to spend the remaining funds?

Local Roads in Disrepair:

- Why has money from the City of Green Bay tax surplus not gone to fixing roads in disrepair?
- How are are road repairs funded in the City of Green Bay?
- Should we change the way we fund road repairs?
- How do other local communities fund road repairs?

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