Episode 9: A discussion with Alderperson Randy Scannell

In this episode of Political Radar Rhonda and Elliot welcome Randy Scannell, City of Green Bay Alderperson for District 7. They discuss many local topics including the City of Green Bay Code of Conduct for Elected Officials, Big Top Baseball's stadium proposal, wine licenses and more.

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Local issues discussed include:

The City of Green Bay Code of Conduct for Elected Officials:

- What is the City of Green Bay Code of Conduct for Elected Officials?
- Why did Randy push to have the Code of Conduct put into place?
- What were a few of the violations from before the code existed?
- How does the Code of Conduct change the process of placing a complaint against an elected officials?
- Is the Code of Conduct all inclusive?
- What is the allegation against Randy?
- Is Randy the Mayor's Jim Schmitt's lapdog?
- Why isn't the complaint of Randy being submitted by the person involved?

Big Top Baseball's Stadium Proposal:

- Should the city be able to dictate the cost of food at the stadium?
- How is Big Top Entertainment a positive part of the community?

Wine Licenses and On Broadway Farmer's Market:

- Why was there no wine sold at the farmer's market?
- Can the city of Green Bay issue wine licenses?
- How does the state affect our cities ordinances?

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