Episode 10: A discussion with Erik Hoyer

In this episode of Political Radar Rhonda and Elliot welcome Erik Hoyer, Brown County Supervisor for District 4. They discuss many local topics including safety issues at Fonferek Glen park, possible health risks facing the Brown County area such as windmills, coal piles, the Sanimax plant and more.

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Issues at Fonferek Glen park:

- Is marijuana and alcohol usage causing issues at Fonferek Glen park
- Is the real issue the danger of the park itself?
- Does the county have the funds to hire new park rangers?
- How many park ranger does the county employ?
- What do our park rangers do?
- How much will making the park safe cost?

The Shirley Windpower Project

- Is there a connection between windmills and health issues?
- Should we respect the opinions of the people affected less or more than scientists?
- Are the issues caused by the windmills actually a placebo effect?
- Is Guy Zima leading the charge against the windmills?
- Do we need to hear from Doctors to see if this is actually an issue?
- Can the county board shut down the Windmills if they pose a legitimate health risk?
- Is this issue receiving more investigative resources than other health risks in the area?

Coal piles in Green Bay:

- Is the dust from coal piles in Green Bay dangerous?
- Is spraying down the coal effective enough to prevent coal dust?

Sanimax in Howard:

- How many odor complaints have we received?
- Why has the number of complaints diminished?
- Who is responsible for Sanimax's license being expired?

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