Episode 11: A discussion with Wisconsin State Representative Eric Genrich

In this episode of Political Radar Rhonda and Elliot welcome Eric Genrich, Wisconsin State Representative for assembly district 90. They discuss many topics including gerrymandering in the Wisconsin legislative branch, The legalization of marijuana, and correctional facility reforms in Wisconsin.

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Statewide issues discussed include:

Gerrymandering In Wisconsin:

- What is gerrymandering?
- Do we have gerrymandering issues in Wisconsin?
- How does a political party benefit from gerrymandering?
- What districts are heavily effected by gerrymandering?
- How does Gov. Scott Walker feel about this issue?

Legalization of Marijuana:

- What are the costs of legalization of Cannabis?
- Are fines for Marijuana use too high?
- Can our legislators de-criminalize Marijuana?
- Should Elliot be on pot?

Corrections Reform:

- What are our legislators doing to make our states prisons better?
- What more can we do?
- Are our prison sentences too harsh?
- Should we invest less money into prisons and more into education?

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