Episode 13: Gun Control Laws and Mass Shootings

In this episode of Political Radar, Rhonda and Elliot discuss gun control following the horrific mass shootings at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. They discuss how gun control relates to mass shootings. They also share ways that Political Radar fans can help support the show.

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Topics Discussed Include:

- Can Rhonda speak with an accent?
- Who is the definitive example of speaking with a Green Bay accent?
- How can our listeners help spread the word about Political Radar?
- Are people sick of Fox News and MSNBC?
- What was it like having Mike Gall on the show?
- Are people who identify as conservative the same?
- Is it political suicide to say you want to cut Social Security or Medicare?
- Would cutting defense spending help save Social Security and Medicare Medicare?
- Would taxing billionaires save Social Security and Medicare

Topics Related to the Pulse Nightclub Shooting in Orlando, FL<:

- Are we desensitized from gun violence?
- What should have happened after the Sandy Hook shooting?
- Are we protecting mass shooters' rights by allowing them access to guns?
- Should gun control be based on state laws?
- Are state based laws effective?
- Does gun control work in New York?
- Would the shooter at Pulse nightclub have done the same amount of damage if the federal assault weapons ban where in place?
- Would any gun law reduce mass shootings?
- Can you walk around with a gun?
- Should we do nothing in relation to gun laws because we do not know the best option?
- Would Donald Trump as President ban all Muslims from purchasing guns?
- Has Elliot ever been placed on a terror watch list?
- Should there be terror watch lists at all?
- What is a terrorist?
- What actions cause a person to be added to a terror watch list?
- How many people are on the US terror watch lists?
- What should define an ÔÇťassault rifle?
- Is freedom dangerous?
- Does the NRA cause inaction on gun control laws?
- Do gun laws work in Australia?
- If people on the terror watch lists were no longer allowed to buy guns, who enforce these new rules?

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