Episode 14: A discussion with Scott Furlong

In this episode of Political Radar, Elliot and special guest host Lisa Hanson who sits on the Green Bay, Wisconsin Plan Commission, welcome Scott Furlong, the Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences and a Professor of Political Science for the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. They discuss gun control issues, personal security and The 2016 presidential election.

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Issues Discussed in this Episode Include:

Gun Control Laws:

- Did the NRA put a stop to the current gun control bills?
- Where the votes all party line votes?
- Where the gun control bills "extreme"?
- Did the Democrats believe the bills would pass?
- Does the NRA support limiting gun purchases for person on terror watch lists?
- How many people are on terror watch lists?
- Will it take change of the balance of power in the Senate before any gun control laws are passed?
- Are gun control bills more likely to pass in the House or Senate?
- Are many of the weapons available for purchase necessary?
- Should there be any restrictions on gun ownership?
- Has the Bill of Rights become outdated?
- Why where anti-terrorism laws passed so quickly while gun control laws are not?
- Is it the governments job to solve gun issues?
- Why were no gun control laws passed after the Sandy Hook shooting?
- Are most people in near agreement on gun control issues?

Rights and Security Issues

- Why did Apple refuse to unlock the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone?
- Should the government have access to a person's locked cell phone?
- How do individual rights effect security issues?
- Is having to walk thru security checkpoints at the air port or public spaces such as football stadiums against privacy rights?
- Is the TSA effective?

Presidential Politics

- Why did Bernie Sanders raise more money than Donald Trump in May, 2016?
- Why has so little fundraising happened for Donald Trump?
- Is the Republican party not fundraising for Donald Trump?
- Why is Apple's CEO Tim Cook fundraising for Paul Ryan?
- Do supporters not want to donate to Donald Trump because they feel he has enough money?
- Why was the California primary called so early?
- Was there voter fraud and suppression in California?
- Should there be rules that govern political parties manage primaries?
- Should the Democratic party have Superdelegates?
- Do political parties have less power today then they did in the past?
- Was the mainstream media fair to Bernie Sanders?
- Who will win the presidency?
- Will Bernie Sanders supporters vote for Hillary Clinton?

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