Episode 15: A discussion with Tom Sieber

On this episode of Political Radar, Rhonda and Elliot welcome Brown County Supervisor Tom Sieber. Together they discuss many issues that affect Brown County including Colburn pool, closed session hearings and term limits for local and county government.

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Topics Discussed Include:

Colburn Pool:

- Has the pool become a war of attrition?
- What is Tom's opinion on the pool?
- Does Tom support the 50m pool or bust movement?
- How does Tom feel about the Tundra Lodge proposal?
- When will the bids for the pool be done?

Presidential Election:

- Donald Trump?


- What is the punishment for breaking closed session rules?
- Should closed session information be shared with the public?
- Who on the county board shared closed session information?

Term limits:

- Should the county board have term limits?
- Should someone be in the same position for 30 years?
- Who on the county board decides committees?
- Should Alex Galt replace his apponent Tom Katers who resigned from the county board?

- Why don't we have special elections to fill open positions?
- Why does the board not get to see alternate candidates?

The Brown County Asphalt Plant:

- Did the county save money by producing it's own asphalt?
- Is the county going to continue doing yearly audits of it's asphalt plant?

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