Episode 16: A discussion with Adam Funk

On this episode of Political Radar, Rhonda and Elliot welcome gemologist, fashion blogger and member of the On Broadway, Inc. board, Adam Funk. Together, they discuss the tragic shooting at a gay night club in Orlando, FL and how it relates to terrorism and gun control. They also discuss the house democrat "sit in" that followed this event.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode Include:

Orlando Shooting:

- Were the messages of the shooter altered?
- How do radical Christians relate to radical Islam?
- Was this attack a hate crime?
- Was the shooter homosexual?
- When will the bids for the pool be done?
- Should the 911 transcripts be edited?
- Should we all be hippies?
- Should we be less politically correct?
- Should we enforce the borders more?
- Is the U.S. experiencing more issues that other similar countries?
- Is the NRA the enemy?

House Democrats "Sit In":

- Are house democrats wasting time with their sit-in?
- Do both parties obstruct lawmaking to prove points?
- Should the republicans have kept the cameras on?

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