Episode 17: A discussion with Noah Reif

On this episode of Political Radar, Rhonda and Elliot welcome Noah Reif who is running for the Wisconsin State Assembly District 88 seat currently held by John Macco. They discuss many issues including why Noah is running, Wisconsin's Private School Choice Programs, and the Green Bay Area Public School District policies on sexual education.

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Topics Discussed Include:

- Is Rhonda the "pleasant" one? - Who is Noah Reif?
- How old is Noah?
- Why is Noah running for the 88th Wisconsin State Assembly seat?
- Why does Noah believe he can win?
- Should Churches pay taxes?
- Should all non-profits pay taxes?

Public Education:

- Does Noah support the private school voucher program?
- How much as the voucher program cost tax payers?
- How many students currently use the voucher program?
- What are the income requirements for the voucher program?
- Should there be competition in education?
- Are public schools "Socialist"?
- Do public schools treat parents and volunteers like criminals?
- Should Religious schools get paid by the voucher program?
- Did Noah go to public school?
- Are special needs children served well by private schools?
- Does the voucher program hurt public schools?
- Do private schools have lower test scores than public schools?
- Do teachers at private schools have a background check before being hired?
- Does adding more funding to education help?
- Do employers care about local education levels?
- Should you be able to refinance student loans?
- Should the government be involved in student loans?
- Has a college education been diminished in value?
- Are there too many people in collage?

Abstinence-only sex education:

- Why are Green Bay public schools providing abstinence-only sex education to students?
- Who provided the abstinence-only content (http://www.greattowait.com/)
- Should sex education programs include information on birth control?
- Is abstinence-only sex education promoting religion in schools?
- When should kids start attending sex education classes?
- What should parents do if they have concerns about sex education programs?

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