Episode 20: A discussion with Frank Lasee

Frank Lasee, Wisconsin State Senator for District 1 who is now running for the United States House of Representatives for Wisconsin's District 8 joins Eliot and Rhonda. They discuss what it is like running for Congress, federal budgets, gun control and more.

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Topics Discussed Include:

Running for Congress:

- What areas are in the 8th Congressional district?
- Why is Frank running for Congress?
- Does Frank want to make America great again?
- What are Frank's beliefs?

Money and Finance:

- Is Medicaid growing?
- Do we need to decrease federal spending?
- How can we fix our budget?
- What areas do we need to cut?
- Do we have enough money to pay for a border wall?

The National Rifle Association and Gun Control:

- Why does the NRA have so much say on gun control laws?
- Should all Americans be in the military?
- Do we need to have stricter gun control laws?
- Would any legislation have changed what happened in any of the recent terrorist attacks
- Does Frank support allowing people on the terrorist watch list to buy guns?
- Was Representative John Lewis D-GA placed on the terrorist watch list by mistake?
- If you exclude innercity crime and "folks of color" people does the US have a low gun violence rate?
- Does the NRA support political campaigns financially?
- How do you receive an A rating with the NRA

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