Episode 21: A discussion with Kim Klein Dorchester

When it relates to sexual education, what should public schools teach? That's the question asked today by Eliot, Rhonda, and special guest Kim Klein Dorchester. Kim is a concerned mother, community activist and a Political Radar fan. They discuss what messages and information children should receive in public schools.

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Topics Discussed Include:

- Have public school sexual education programs been successful previously?
- Does teaching abstinence only sexual education increase the teen pregnancy rate?
- Should clergy members be allowed to help dictate our schools curriculum?
- Should churches pay taxes?
- Is this packet provided by the Florida Department of Health Abstinence Education Program and distributed by the Green Bay Area Public Schools District propaganda?
- Did this packet distributed by the Green Bay Area Public Schools District directly try to teach kids that divorce is terrible?
- Should all values be represented?
- Should abstinence be used as a part of sexual education programs?
- What is being done with the data in this packet?
- Who pushed for this packet to be included?
- Who should we talk to if we have any issues with our school system?

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