Episode 22: A discussion with Cordero Barkley

How do race relations affect the city of Green Bay? That's the question asked today by Eliot, Rhonda, and special guest Cordero Barkley. Cordero is a self proclaimed community activist who loves to help those in need. They discuss what it is like growing up as a black youth.

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Topics Discussed Include:

- What does Cordero's group do?
- Does Green Bay stereotype successful black men?
- Should we be concerned for our cities police?
- Are our police doing a good job?
- Are people treated differently based on class and wealth?
- Do black children need to be taught more about the law to defend themselves?
- Is being pulled over different based on your race?
- Is the Black Lives Matter movement a part of a greater struggle?
- How has social media changed the conversation of racial profiling?
- Does Black Lives Matter support violence?
- How can Green Bay's community improve relationships with the police?

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