Episode 23: A discussion with Devin Gatton

Republicans, Conservatives and Libertarians who all support gay rights? Rhonda and Elliot are joined this episode by Devin Gatton, the President of the Wisconsin Log Cabin Republicans. Together they discuss the Log Cabin Republican's beliefs and the inclusion of conversion therapy in the Republican platform.

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Topics Discussed Include:

- What are Log Cabin Republicans?
- What do they believe in?
- How were the Log Cabin Republicans formed?
- What will the Log Cabin Republicans do if the Republican Party continues to have an anti-gay agenda?
- Where does the name Log Cabin come from?
- Should heterosexual individuals support the Log Cabin Republicans?
- What is conversion therapy?
- Is conversion therapy a good idea?
- What is the success rate of conversion therapy?
- How is conversion therapy preformed?
- Has there been a movement for conversion therapy in Wisconsin?
- How does Governor Scott Walker feel about conversion therapy?
- Is conversion therapy overreach?

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