Episode 26: A discussion with Alex Galt

Alex Galt, business owner, and former candidate for the 15th district of the Brown County Board of Supervisors joins the Political Radar team this episode. They talk about the experiences of running for office. They also discuss Alex's opponent's resignation shortly after winning the election.

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Local Topics Discussed Include:

- What is it like running for an office?
- How active is the average person in politics?
- Who won the county board election that Alex ran in?
- Who currently holds that seat?
- How long does it take someone to know if they are going to move?
- Did Tom Caters know he was gong to move during the campign?
- Should we have held a special election to decide who would take the empty seat?
- Are emails about this event part of the public record?
- Have seats been filled this way before?
- Should Tom Caters have communicated with the public?
- What are the pros and cons of a special election?
- Should more of this information be public knowledge?
- Should local elections be partisan?

National Topics Discussed Include:

- Have the major parties changed in the past few years?
- Is conversion therapy evil?
- Are Republicans guided by fear?
- Should politicians do their own research?
- Are messages of fear intentionally spread by the Republican party?
- Do Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have similar platforms?

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