Episode 29: A discussion with Koby Schellenger

Koby Schellenger the Regional Field Coordinator for Planned Parenthood for Wisconsin joins Rhonda and Elliot for this episode of Political Radar. They discuss sexual education, abstinence only programs, stigmas about discussing sex. Additionally they talk about how Planned Parenthood is funded and programs Planned Parenthood offers to help adults learn how to help young adults with sexual education.

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Topics Discussed Include:

- What was the Healthy Youth Act?
- When was the Healthy Youth Act repealed?
- In Wisconsin, is the sexual education curriculum set statewide or locally?
- What is Planned Parenthood doing to help students in abstinence preferred school districts?
- Is abstinence only sex ed telling students to not be human?
- Is the Green Bay Public School District shaming non nuclear families?
- Should there be less shaming involved in education?
- Is it unrealistic for us to expect young adults to not have sex?
- Should adults who are not sex educators be trained on how to help kids with sex related questions?
- Where does Planned Parenthood work with kids?
- What activities does Planned Parenthood do outside of schools?
- Should clergy have influence over education without paying taxes?
- Does the name Planned Parenthood have a negative connotation?
- Is Planned Parenthood a non-profit organization?
- How is Planned Parenthood funded?
- Do taxpayers have to pay for abortions?
- Do Americans get nervous when discussing sex?
- Do Americans struggle with experimenting with sexuality?
- How can people talk to Planned Parenthood
- Has the teen birthrate in Milwaukee decreased in the past 10 years?

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