Episode 30: A discussion with Thomas De Wane

Thomas De Wane, Alderman for District Two of Green Bay's City Council and the council's president joins Rhonda and Elliot for this episode of Political Radar. They discuss how the stadium tax refund might be spent by Green Bay; whether it be on economic development or given back to taxpayers. They also discuss Green Bay's infrastructure and the proposed stadium.

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Topics Discussed Include:

- How much money from the stadium tax refund is left undecided for?
- What criteria are there for spending the money?
- What process will the council use to decide how to spend the money?
- Where did the criteria come from?
- What will be the process if the money is allocated to economic development?
- Will the finance committee filter out suggestions?
- Will two million dollars be returned by taxpayers?
- Will people who own multiple properties receive several tax refunds?
- Does Tom expect the tax refund to pass?
- Is paying only homeowners unfair to renters?
- Which alderpersons will be attending the finance meeting?
- Should we have a wheel tax?
- Do some infrastructure issues get ignored year after year?
- Are all of our infrastructure problems because of the mayor?
- Is Tom going to run for mayor?
- Did Tom lose the previous mayoral race due to finances?
- Does Green Bay have to many abandoned buildings?
- Do we need to refocus the city from downtown or the stadium district?
- Will the proposed stadium be a multi venue stadium?
- Should the Green Bay Bullfrogs be considered renters?
- Do we need to grow other businesses around the stadium to have it succeed?
- Who needs to bring up a new proposal?
- What is going to be done with our old stadium?
- If we bring in more businesses will the stadium proposal succeed at council?
- Should we look at stadiums in other cities near us to see if this is a good investment?
- Should we be concerned that Big Top wanted some of Green Bay's stadium tax money?
- Where can Tom be reached?
- What does it mean for a Alder person to be available 24/7

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