Episode 33: A discussion with Mark Steuer

Mark Steuer, Vice President of the Green Bay City Council and representative for District 10 joins Elliot and special guest host Lisa Hanson to discuss economic development in Green Bay. They discuss the importance of historic preservation, celebrations and festivals, Green Bay's change from being a car first community to supporting more bike lanes and trails, and more.

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Topics Discussed Include:

- What is Mark's position on the city council?
- Should we stop debates that run late into the night?
- What does it mean to be the Vice President?
- What is Mark's opinion on the code of conduct?
- Why did Mark change his vote on the code of conduct?
- Are parking tickets a tax for the middle class?
- Why was the Brown County Trust for Historic Preservation formed?
- Why is historic preservation important?
- What has been done for historic preservation?
- What buildings are most important to preserve?
- How is this funded?
- Does the city of Green Bay fund any preservation?
- Is this what TIF is meant for?
- Does the council have to reject ideas because they are brought up to late?
- How does Mark make decisions on divisive issues?
- Why did Mark vote the way he did on the tax refund?
- Are tax rebates inefficient?
- How much does it cost to give out tax refunds?
- Should you give food or money to a food bank?
- What is the Farmory?
- What will be done with the remaining stadium money?
- How will the council decide on how to spend the money?
- Should we require people to raise money as well?
- Are many businesses moving out of Green Bay?
- Has the Broadway district improved?
- Should we have more music venues?
- Should we have a music hall of fame?
- Do we have a disconnect between East and West Green Bay?
- Should we have a kazoo parade?
- Is Green Bay the world capital of kazoos (Should it be?)
- What was done for Fort Howard's 200th anniversary?
- How are our relationships with native people?
- How important is our downtown district?
- Should we move our museum and libraries to Ashwaubenon?
- Are people from Ashwaubenon or Bellevue part of Green Bay?
- Should we have more water access?
- Should we have more of our trails connect?
- Should we have rail travel to Milwaukee?
- Should we listen more to the people around us?

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