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Newsmakers is a content creation network, developing both video and audio shows, covering a wide range of topics and interests. Our ever expanding show lineup produces hours of new content weekly. Our approach to new content development is "talent-first", meaning, our hosts have the ability to be themselves and connect with the audience.

The way people get their news and information and are entertained is evolving, and Newsmakers has designed their network from the ground up to be dynamic and able to adapt to change quickly.

Our channel lineup includes two primary focuses.

Professionals Programming:

First, we have our “Professionals” programming lineup that includes shows dedicated to topics such as technology, politics and entrepreneurship

The target audience for the Professionals Programming lineup include small business owners, entrepreneurs, IT professionals as well as elected officials and other political enthusiasts.

Entertainment Programming:

Second, we have our Entertainment Programming lineup which includes topics such as video games, trading card games anime and other pop culture topics.

Sponsorship Options:

Newsmakers has designed our sponsorship options to provide a high level of flexibility based on your unique needs. You am choose a full run of network package, a programming specific package or a show specific package.

Additionally, you may choose an audio/video, video only or audio only sponsorship package.

With all sponsorship packages, your business will be featured on our sponsors page. We will include your logo and a brief description of your products or services and a link to your website.

Video Sponsorship Features:

Newsmakers primary distribution path for video content is YouTube, the worlds largest video hosting and distribution site. As a result, we designed our sponsorship program to fit within YouTube’s current policies.

5 Second Pre-roll: Your product or service will be displayed and a quick call to action will be spoken by the show hosts.

30 Second Integrated Message: Near the end of the video, the show host will read a 30 second message about your product or service. Optionally, you can have visual elements such as pictures of your product or service, website, etc displayed during the reading.

Below is an example sponsored video with both elements.

Audio Sponsorship Features:

Newsmakers shows are distributed on our website, allowing listeners to play individual episodes on demand. This includes the full archive of past episodes. Once your sponsor message is included in the show, it will remain on our website and can be listened to at any point in time.

Additionally, Newsmakers audio shows are distributed by Apple iTunes store, Stitcher (both their mobile application and web site, Google Play store, and SoundCloud (both their mobile application and web site). Many episodes are also distributed by additional web sites and applications such as TuneIn.

With an audio sponsorship package, you will get the following:

15 second pre-roll: Prior to the beginning of the episode, the show host will talk about your product or service for up to 15 seconds with a direct call to action.

30-60 second mid-roll: The mid-roll message is used to promote your brand, often using a direct story told from our show hosts point of view. This message is inserted in the mid of the episode, typically at the 40% to 60% mark.

5-15 second ending call to action: At the end of the episode, the listener is provided with a call to action asking them visit your website, or other related call to actions.

Below is an example sponsored audio with all elements.

If you want to promote your business, product or service to a specific audience, we will deliver your message to engaged listeners who want to hear about what you have to offer.

Contact us today to get started with a customized sponsorship package.