Episode 2: A Discussion With Green Bay Alderman William "Bill" Galvin

Rhonda and Elliot welcome William "Bill" Galvin, who ran against Rhonda, for the Green Bay City Council seat representing District 4. Rhonda, Elliot and Alderman Galvin discuss many topics effecting the city of Green Bay including the City of Green Bay Code of Conduct for Elected Officials, Colburn Pool, the outdoor events center proposal and more.

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Local issues discussed include:

- "Operation Frogger" and Pedestrian safety.
- Should the police department have dedicated traffic enforcement units?
- The campaign between Rhonda and Bill and how they endeavored to run a respectful campaign.
- The City of Green Bay Code of Conduct for Elected Officials including the process and possible penalties.
- The allegations related to Alderman Chris Wery accessing the personal banking information of his district 8 opponent Debbie Jacques.
- Who should have the power to appoint city council commit members?
- Should Brown County expanding the county jail?
- Is the Mayor downplaying crime statistics?
- How much does the country jail cost taxpayers?
- The current status of Colburn Pool, the expected cost and who should pay for it.
- The current status of the outdoor events center, it's cost, parking, and what it's impact will be on the South Broadway area.
- Infrastructure issues including flooding issues and the necessary sewer upgrades and cost.
- Issues with lead pipe removal and the cost for homeowners.
- How can city council members help get people more engaged in local politics.
- The benefits of neighborhood associations.

National Issues Discussed Include:

- Having "Good" vs "Bad" candidates in national election.
- Are stadiums a “bad” investments for municipalities?
- Should private businesses get public funding for expansion?

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