Political Radar Podcast [Archived]

This show is Archived. Please check out our other shows for current content. Political Radar hosts, Rhonda Sitnikau and Elliot Christenson discuss engaging political topics from multiple points of views while also looking for common ground. Rhonda Sitnikau is a self-employed production stylist, community activist, and recently a Green Bay, WI City Council candidate who is always looking for new ways to engage more people in the local political process. Rhonda describes herself as “progressive minded but not idealistic”. She is a strong supporter of public education, investment in community development and has been a very vocal supporter of local small businesses. Elliot Christenson, a long-time entrepreneur, currently operates Ideas By Elliot, an online marketing firm and myDropWizard, a technical service provider for websites built on the Drupal framework. Elliot describes himself as a “Bill of Rights loving libertarian who is socially liberal and fiscally conservative”. Elliot has a strong focus on technology and how it can be used to improve many public functions such as education. He adds, “I am anti-spam and pro-grammar”. The joining of these two strong-willed voices with often differing viewpoints promises to be engaging and entertaining to a wide audience. During a highly disputed attempt by the international retailer Walmart, to build a superstore in the Broadway district of downtown Green Bay, WI, the pair were often quoted by local news outlets. The fact that they are still able to discuss major political issues while learning from each other, shows the level of respect they have for each other and their individual political views.

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