Episode 3: Presidential Politics Review for the Week of May 9, 2016

Rhonda and Elliott take a detailed look at the current presidential election process, candidates and their supporters. They cover many topics including: Do people really support Donald Trump? Can Bernie Sanders win? Will Bernie Sanders supporters support Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? should Larry Wilmore use the N-word? and many more.

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Local issues discussed include:

- Recap of Episode #2 with Bill Galvin
- The potential baseball stadium and swimming pool and if they will be a bad investment for Green Bay.
- The Lambeau Field sales tax and the impact of the teem on the local community.

National Issues Discussed Include:

- How many people really support Donald Trump?
- Ted Cruz and John Kasich leaving the race.
- Are Trump supports uninformed?
- Does Donald Trump believe everything he says?
- Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump. Who will win?
- Is there any way for Bernie Sanders to win?
- Will Bernie Sanders supporters vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?
- Is now the time to support 3rd parties candidates?
- Are write-in candidates a good idea?
- Who will be the Vice President Candidates?
- Why do people dislike corporations?
- Why do we have so much money in politics?
- Should the superdelegate process be ended?
- Are political conventions necessary?
- Why did John Boehner cry so much?
- Was it okay for Larry Wilmore to use the N-word at The White House Correspondents Dinner?

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