Episode 12: A discussion with Mike Gallagher

In this episode of Political Radar, Rhonda and Elliot welcome Dr. Michael Gallagher, who is running for the 8th congressional district seat currently held by retiring Reid Ribble. They discussion many national issues including the recent terror attach in Orlando Fl, gun control laws, what the US should do about ISIS and other radical Islamist groups and more.

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Issues Discussed in this Episode Include:

- Why did the team at Political Radar start the show?
- Is this the most divided politically the country has been?
- Would there be canings on the House floor again if there where no video today?
- Is this Mike's first time running for office?
- Why did Mike choose to run for office?
- How does Mike keep up with the campaign process?
- Why don't more people run for office?
- Why do members of congress get reelected with low approval numbers?
- Has our straight abroad Deteriorated?
- Why should someone vote for Mike instead of his Republican opponents?
- Should people on terrorists watch lists be allowed to buy a gun?
- Should gun control be discussed after a terror attack?
- Would terrorists use bombs if they can't get access to guns legally?
- Has the US allowed ISIS to expand in the Middle East?
- Does the FBI have the ability to investigate people with suspected ties to ISIS?
- Why did the system fail in regards to detecting the Orlando shooter?
- Will congress ever vote on HR 1076?
- Do people have the right to be radicalized?
- How do people get put on or taken off of a terror watch list?
- Why do many in congress care of the NRA supports HR 1076?
- Have the number of domestic terror attacks increased as a direct result of ISIS growth in other countries?
- What defines a semi-automatic rifle?
- What was the result of the 1994 assault weapons ban?
- Have gun control laws worked in larger cities in the US?
- Why did the NYPD have success in dealing with terror issues recently?
- Why do radical Islamist dislike the US?
- How are LGBT persons treated in within Islamic countries?
- How do we deal with US citizens who are radical Islamist?
- Should we send more troops to the Middle East?
- Does the US need to have a military presence worldwide?
- How big is the US defense budget compared to other countries?
- Can radical Islamist groups be contained?
- Would cutting the defense budget reduce the US debt?
- Should we make cuts to Social Security and Medicare?
- What steps can be taken to keep Social Security and Medicare functioning?
- Will Rhonda be voting in the Republican primary?
- What would Mike cut from the Federal budget?
- What Federal regulations would Mike want to remove?
- What would Mike like to see done with the Federal tax code?
- Has there been a decline in the number of start-up businesses?
- If we lower the tax rate for corporations, would that benefit employees?
- Would increasing the minimum wage reduce employment?
- Did the Dodd-Frank Act cause smaller banks to fail?
- Will the #nevertrump movement hurt election turnout for Republicans?
- Does Mike support Donald Trump?
- What does Mike find most important regarding a presidential candidate?

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