Episode 19: A discussion with Nick Wautier

Nick Wuatier, Media Specialist at Camera Corner Studios and Elliot's partner on the Ideas By Elliot Podcast joins the Political Radar team to discuss the 2016 presidential election. Nick shares his feelings over being a Bernie Sanders supporter and even shares his thoughts on Political Radar itself!

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Issues Discussed in this Episode Include:

- What are Nicks thoughts on Newsmakers Studio?
- What does Political Radar do right?
- What does Political Radar do wrong?
- How can we balance local and national topics?
- How old is Elliot?

Evolution of the Media:

- How is information sharing changing?
- How do people get their news?
- Is Political Radar a good news source?
- Is the Facebook news feed algorithm making people more polarized?
- Should you like Facebook posts that you don't actually like?

President Politics:

- Is there any chance that Bernie Sanders will get the nomination?
- Is Bernie Sanders more honest than Hillary Clinton?
- Does Bernie have more power as a senator?
- Will Bernie run again as an independent?
- Does it matter if a single person doesn't vote?
- Will a Donald Trump presidency and a Clinton presidency look the same?
- Does Donald Trump make America hate again?

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