Episode 24: A discussion with Terri Warner

Terri Warner joins Elliot and Rhonda on this episode of Political Radar to discuss race relations and how they affect black youth as they grow up. While discussing the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement, they also discuss how much of a nerd Terri is.

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Topics Discussed Include:

The Black Lives Matter Movement:

- Why is #AllLivesMatter offensive?
- What does #BlueLivesMatter mean?
- Do we need more facts and studies on violence?
- Does social media make us more selfish?
- Are white people listened to more by our government?
- Is comparing Black Lives Matter to black on black crime fair?
- Are black children questioned by police less than white children?
- How should the term African American be used?
- Are white people the norm?
- Are labels oppressive by design?

Being A Nerd:

- Are black people less common in fringe groups like nerds?
- What is a convention?
- Do all nerds look like Jacob?
- What is a squee?
- What causes one to squee?

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