Episode 25: A discussion with Barbara Dorff

Barbara Dorff joins Elliot and Rhonda on this episode of Political Radar to discuss local issues to the Green Bay, Wisconsin area. They discuss the importance of bike lanes and maintaining roads and what it means to be a female Alder on Green Bay's City Council.

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Topics Discussed Include:

- What title should people use to describe a female Alderperson?
- Was Barb offended by the Mayor calling the city council "Gentleman"
- What issues does Barb want to focus on currently?
- Does the audience at council meetings have power to sway opinions?
- How should people get more involved with local government?

Road Repairs:

- How are road repairs in Green Bay currently funded?
- Who chooses if a road is repaired?
- Do other communities fund road repairs in the same way?
- How does a wheel tax work?
- Should we have a wheel tax?
- Should sales taxes be used for road repairs?
- Should the city of Green Bay apply for a federal grant to pay for road repairs?
- Will we see a decrease in traffic due to self driving cars?
- Who's fault is it that our roads need repair?

Bike Lanes:

- Should we have a 4 foot bike lane or a 5 foot bike lane?
- Should our bike lanes be marked?
- Should we use icons instead of full bike lanes?
- What is a "sharrow"?

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