Episode 28: A discussion with Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith, Green Bay's newly appointed Police Chief joins Rhonda and Elliot for an episode of Political Radar. (Spoiler Alert: He is not there to arrest them.) Chief Smith shares his unique view on how a small city like Green Bay compares to Los Angeles, where he was previously the LAPD's top spokesman. He also shares his ideas on how police/community relations can be improved.

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Topics Discussed Include:

- What is the difference between a Chief of Police and a Police Commissioner? - How long has Chief Smith been in Green Bay?
- How long was Chief Smith in Los Angeles?
- What events from Chief Smith's time in Los Angeles can we learn from?
- Are people in Wisconsin nicer than people in L.A.?
- Why did Chief Smith come to Green Bay?
- Has Green Bay changed for better or for worse?
- When was the first African American hired on to the Green Bay Police Force?
- What is the Green Bay Police Department doing to reduce the fear of police officers?
- How does the police department match the demographics of Green Bay?
- Are people opening up to police officers?
- What is the Divine Temple?
- What community activities are the police department involved in?
- Who in the community is engaged at these events?
- How did Chief Smith react to the Black Lives Matters protests?
- Do we have any police officers that have not fulfilled their duties?
- Has Chief Smith had to let any officers go?
- Have police officers become more responsible in the past 30 years?
- Should police officers be equipped with body cameras?
- How much will footage storage cost?
- Does the city of L.A. have body cams?
- Can body cameras be used to protect police officers?
- Is it a bad time to be a police officer?
- Should traffic stops be less hostile on both sides?
- How selective is the Green Bay Police Department when hiring new officers?

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