Episode 31: A discussion with Chuck Rybak

Chuck Rybak, an Associate Professor of English and Humanistic Studies at the University of Wisconsin—Green Bay and owner of the Sad Iron blog (http://chuckrybak.com/) joins Elliot and Rhonda to discuss happenings at the University of Wisconsin. Chuck explains how the UW system receives funding, the plights of UW faculty members and how budget cuts to education affect the community.

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Topics Discussed Include:

- What is going on in education right now?
- What is Chuck's blog?
- How important is funding in the University of Wisconsin system?
- How important is Governor Scott Walker in the UW system?
- Who is President Cross?
- Did Republicans support giving more consistent funding to the UW system?
- What are some of the arguments against a public authority?
- Did legislators not want to give up control of the UW system?
- What conflict have come up with funding in the past?
- Who should be responsible for changes to the UW system?
- What is tenure?
- Who reviews UW faculty?
- How should we encourage people to be a part of the UW system?
- How does a job in the UW system compare to a typical job?
- Are faculty members used as scapegoats?
- How do people fight against budget cuts?
- Do faculty members have a leader?
- What is a No Confidence motion and what does it mean?
- Are rules about who can be fired from the UW system too open ended?
- Do we need to have classes that are more focused on STEM?
- Are new classes and programs a supplement for job training?
- Do we need to move education towards digital humanities?
- Are professors taxpayers?
- Is the UW system an integral part of the community?
- What is Chuck's blog about?

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