Episode 32: A discussion with Pat Evans

Pat Evans, Brown County Board Supervisor for District 9 joins Elliot and Rhonda to discuss several controversies happening at the county level. They discuss #breastgate and the payout to corporation counsel, employees who may have been unjustly fired and the appointment of a county board member for a spot some feel should be Alex Galt's.

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Topics Discussed Include:

- How long has Pat been on the county board?
- What is the best part of being a county board supervisor?
- Who does Pat represent?
- Does Pat get stopped by people who want to talk about county politics often?
- How much does a county supervisor make?
- What happened with the Brown County corporation counsel?
- Did County Executive Troy Streckenbach have issues with the corporation counsel?
- Is Troy Streckenbach bad at HR?
- What was #Breastgate?
- Should it be called #Breastgate?
- How many women were involved?
- What was the discipline used?
- What was the cause of the discipline?
- What was the risk management issue that caused the corporation counsel to be fired?
- Was the council not notified about the situation?
- Does Troy have a personal relationship with the interim counsel?
- Has an outside investigation been requested?
- What happened with the employees who were fired?
- What was the employee in question fired for?
- What does it mean to be an employ at will state?
- Did the employee die due to stress from being fired?
- Was he racist?
- When did he use the N-word?
- How long did it take from the incident for him to get fired?
- How can his name be cleared?
- Does Pat feel he has the votes for this?
- Has something like that been done like this before?
- What is Pat's opinion on what happened with Alex Galt?
- Should Alex have been appointed?
- Why is Pat against term limits?
- Will Pat run for mayor?
- What party does Pat most align with?

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